The Association For Online Gamers understands the importance of social interaction, connection and wellbeing on life outcomes, and has the ability to promote and encourage these in diverse online communities to help people in ways that are truly unique and innovative.

We are a UK-registered Social Enterprise, comparable to a “B Corporation”. We run the No.1 global esports development program that integrates game skills training with mental, emotional and physical wellbeing coaching, designed to equip young people with skills to achieve their aspirations and navigate the complexities & challenges they will face in life as they grow up.

Our Development Program

Our development program uses the power of online gaming like never before. Train, compete, learn and become an OG (Original Gamer).

The people behind OG have years of experience in gaming, content creation, mental health and education. We understand this sector and the new generation of gamers, and we are bringing people together through technology and enjoyment in online and offline settings.

We understand the impact the pandemic had on social activities and restricting young people to their homes who, in some cases, were already struggling with anxiety, self-confidence, or more serious mental health challenges.

Although the Programme is run for all young people, such vulnerable young people are one of our key focal points, and we bring them into a safeguarded, structured yet enjoyable enrichment programme. This enables them to connect, build healthy relationships and build a solid foundation for their future success – opening up a world of opportunities to meet their aspirations.

Why do the Development Programme?

As gamers collaborate to conquer shared digital adversaries or achieve in-game objectives, gaming communities similarly band together to address real-life challenges, offering both therapeutic and altruistic support.

This support includes direct and indirect aid through charitable donations, funding and grants, encompassing social and psychological backing, peer guidance, online educational resources and insights into mental health issues for both community members and the wider gaming audience.

With Shawmind and OG, individuals have the opportunity to understand mental health issues, pursue support and help, and engage in social interactions, whether face-to-face or virtually.

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