More than 90% of young people play video games…

Videogames are immensely popular globally, with over two billion people worldwide engaging in this form of entertainment. The UK alone has a significant percentage of its population, including adults, playing video games, suggesting a widespread appeal across various age groups and demographics. 

The demographics of video gamers in the UK encompass a wide range of individuals with various characteristics. Key insights from the research include:

  1. Loot Box Engagement: A study focused on loot boxes, a purchasable feature in many video games, found that 17.16% of UK gamers engage in buying them. These gamers are more likely to gamble compared to those who do not purchase loot boxes. This group is typically younger, male, with non-university educational attainment and a higher likelihood of unemployment. Lower earners among this group also tend to spend a higher proportion of their monthly earnings on loot boxes (Close, Spicer, Nicklin, Lloyd, & Lloyd, 2022).

  2. Diverse Age Groups: Research has also explored video gaming among specific age groups, such as the Baby Boomer generation. This demographic has been identified as a significant and vibrant video game audience, with distinct gaming needs and interests that differ from younger gamers (Pearce, 2008).

  3. Gender Differences: Studies have shown differences in gaming preferences and behaviors based on gender. For example, one study found that male players tend to dominate the gaming demographic, with specific genres and play styles varying across genders (Howe, Livingston, & Lee, 2019).

  4. Socioeconomic Factors: Socioeconomic status also plays a role in gaming demographics. Studies indicate variations in gaming behaviors and preferences based on factors like employment status, education level, and income (Woodcock, 2016).

In summary, the demographics of video gamers in the UK are diverse, with variations in age, gender, socioeconomic status, and gaming preferences and behaviours. This diversity reflects the broad appeal of video gaming across different segments of the population.

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